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Melanin Kris | My Cosmic Garden

Architect The fUTURE

A digital home where art meets healing.
Imagine a 21st century depiction of indigo futurism

Melanin Kris

As a multi-disciplinary storyteller and artist based in the Netherlands, I envision Melanin Kris as a force of inspiration and empowerment. Spoken and visual thoughts arts, through performances, healing narratives, and education.


Melanin Kris is a movement towards a future designed by our collective imagination and actions.

quality of life

A visionary artist, committed to enhance the quality of life and inspire memorable stories.

Legacy of colonization

The Legacy of Colonization: A Poetic Journey with Melanin Kris Dive into "The Legacy of Colonization," an artistic and deeply personal exploration brought to life through a pop-up spoken thought show by Melanin Kris. This project shines a spotlight on the complex and often overlooked colonial past, inviting us all to reflect and engage with history in a new light.
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The poetic exhibition – Before I Die

Step into the heart of reflection and expression with "Before I Die," a poetic exhibition that resonates with the soul's journey through life's most profound questions.
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visual thoughts art

Indigo Futurism: a blend of ancient wisdom and optimistic speculative futures, where indigenous heritage meets visionary tech.

Melanin Kris


Spoken Thoughts ​

Unspoken Thought Performances ​

The Legacy of Colonization.

Melanin Kris brings a unique, immersive experience to your event with his signature pop-up spoken thoughts performances.

Each show is a poetic journey through history, future, and cultural reflection, with a special focus on our most recent show.


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