The Legacy of Colonization


Join us on Thursday November 30, 2023 at 8 pm in the heart of Rotterdam for an evening of powerful poetry and dialogue.

This live pop-up event will take place at

Third Place Rotterdam near Witte de With

Architect the future

Melanin Kris is a Surinam born multi-disciplinary storyteller based in the Netherlands. He is a creative visionary who is dedicated to bring abstract ideas to life through powerful and memorable stories. He excels in spoken and visual thoughts art and is committed to use his gifts to create and share value through performances, creative content, and education. His goal is to inspire and empower people to think critically about the world around them and to actively work towards shaping a better future, whilst living our celestial life.


Step into my world of poetry and be captivated by the power of words, as I weave stories through spoken word performances that touch your soul.


Work with Melanin Kris in the fields of creative directing, poetry, visual storytelling, and education. I utilize my unique skills to captivate audiences.


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We have exciting news! We are working on a show about Native African & Dutch slavery. It tells the untold and often ignored stories of Native enslavement, with a focus on resilience, decolonization, and modern-day dilemmas. This show will offer a unique perspective that goes against mainstream cultural narratives. We invite you to sign up for updates about the show and mark your calendars for the premiere of act #1, at Third Place Rotterdam.

Directing + Holland America Line
Keti Koti
Presentation '23
Interactive storytelling + Gemeente Amsterdam
Keti Koti storytelling + Montessori Mavo

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For performance bookings, copywriting, interactive presentations, creative directing and educational projects. English & Dutch. Ask for possibilities.

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