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ARt and POEtry


Architect The Future




Aspire 2 Inspire…

Melanin Kris is a 21st Century Poet Le Visionair who believes all people are conscious co-creators of reality therefore can be considered Architect’s of The Future.

Storytelling embodies all of his artistic and personal expressions. Through art and poetry he Aspires 2 Inspire PEOPLE to become the best version of their self.

When he touches, moves and bring some joy into lives of others Melanin Kris grows more into the best version of himself. Everyone travels their unique journey why not share the process. Welcome to my universe, may we find and create magic together.

“Raised By Experience”


 Spike Lee

Born: March 20, 1957 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Filmmaker, actor, author and poet

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Rolling Down (song)
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“Know the Nature of the enemy within enable to deal with it. This is common knowledge for humanity and should be made available to everyone. Value education about the self. Start with the kids by giving them inner tools. Teach them how to understand inner rich” Start with yourself.

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